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  Caulfield Associates specializes in the design and manufacturing of floating docks and marinas in addition to dock hardware and parts. We offer complete services for design and construction of your floating docks and specialize in the design and manufacturing of heavy duty commercial docks. Our large commercial docks are designed to use the Truss-Joist MacMillan parallam. It is an engineered wood beam, treated to .6CCA or higher. We have several completed installations where the dock sizes are 8' x 50'.
  To compliment our installations, we have custom designed aluminum gangways and pedestrian bridges, boat lifts, wave attenuators, regulatory buoys, anchor systems, and chain and cable.
  We represent Whiteridge, Cello, and Follansbee dock floats, Trus-Joist MacMillan marine beam Parallams, Jim Buoy regulatory buoys and vinyl products. Edson/ Ocean Scout sewage pumpout boats, American Boom and Barrier oil and turbidity control booms. We also have a uniquely designed line of concrete docks without the "wood hinge" used by Bellingharn and other U.S. concrete docks. We also have the revolutionary new WAVE BREAK, a new flexible and site assembled wave attenuator.
  We manufacture our own heavy duty hot dipped galvanized dock hardware, and a premium line of 100% post consumer recycled plastic lumber for framing and decking. In addition we inventory several lines of dock floats, marine grade hardware, fasteners, nails, and related dock hardware for mooring and anchoring systems. We also offer recycled plastic lumber docks or complete kits.
Why Choose Caulfield Associates to built your floating dock or marina project...
  • We never use Composite plastic lumber (50% wood and 50% plastic)
  • We never bed carriage bolts directly into wood.
  • We never deliver you a dock with all thread punched thru the float under water.
  • We will never compromise on our materials.
  • We have the ability to manufacture floating docks from other materials as well as wood and recycled plastic.
  • We have many aluminum systems in place, as well as steel truss frame systems.
  If you want the best dock in the world, we can supply an all plastic frame and deck with industry standard poly shell foam filled floats, with STAINLESS STEEL HARDWARE AND FASTENERS. We can warranty a dock like that until the tug boat hits it or a hurricane takes it away.

Choose Caulfield Associates when Quality and Cost Counts


Contact us today at 215-348-5565 to discuss your project with our engineering staff or to request a project quote or you can complete our Quote Request form.


All plastic lumber dock in Greenlane Reservoir. Caulfield Assoc. replaced all the CCA pressure treated lumber docks at the request of Philadelphia Suburban Water Co.


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