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  Introducing The Forever Dock® Plastic Wood Dock
  Finally, A Dock Worthy Of Your Boat

Crafted from Phoenix™ Plastic Lumber, your Forever Dock® plastic lumber dock will last a life time. No more splinters, unsightly warps, splits, cracks, rot, or CCA (chlorinated copper arsinate) leaching into your water. And, perhaps best of all, no more maintaining and replacing rotted or splintered wooden boards. With a lifetime limited warranty on the plastic lumber, you'll have peace of mind and more time to enjoy boating and other waterside activities.

  Classic Permanent Colors

Your boat has style and color. So should your dock. After just a few short seasons, unstained or unpainted wood docks often look unsightly. Preserving the new look of wood requires frequent, costly maintenance and eventually, replacement. Your Forever Dock® plastic dock will be built in the colors of your choice to complement your home, marina, or boat. Select from a wide range of natural wood tones, earth tones or the look of freshly painted color. The colors are permanent and run throughout the lumber. Although the materials cost more then CCA lumber, installation costs are the same. However, your Forever Dock® plastic dock is a one time installation that will look as good five, ten, thirty and fifty years from now as it does today - with no further costs.

  Great For Docks, Piers, Decks, Boardwalks, and Bulkheads!

Around your hot tub or pool, lake side, on the bay, or ocean front, you'll never have to worry about the effects of water or moisture. Phoenix™ Plastic Lumber is impervious to marine borer worms, insects, water, and chemicals. It is a solid, non-porous, non-leaching, permanently colored building product that is an environmentally friendly product!

Why use Plastic Lumber for your project? More...

  Easy Installation For Do-It-Yourselfers Or The Dock Builder Of Your Choice.

Working with Phoenix™ Plastic Lumber is easy and requires only standard wood working tools and fasteners. Docks can be shipped complete or in kit form with plastic lumber, Hi Strength Steel Plate-ASTM-123 Hot Dip Galvanized Hardware and Fasteners, Galvanized Cleats, and Polyethylene Shell Foam filled Floats.



Smithville Historical Park

Burlington County Parks and Recreation Dept. Mt. Holly, NJ.

100 % recycled plastic lumber nature trail system across Smithville Lake. A combination of fixed boardwalk on helical piles and floating docks with railings.  The advantage of our modular boardwalk system is very evident on a public prevailing wage project when we deliver the 20' modules completely assembled, ready to install.



The Wilsonville Dock Frame

100% structural plastic lumber dock frame under construction


  To discuss your plastic wood project with our engineering staff or to request a project quote complete our Quote Request form or call us at 215-480-1940.


All plastic lumber dock in Greenlane Reservoir. Caulfield Assoc. replaced all the CCA pressure treated lumber docks at the request of Philadelphia Suburban Water Co.


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