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Our Products & Services > Wave Break Floating Wave Attenuator

Innovative Affordable Floating Breakwater and Wave Protection for your waterfront property
  If you own or manage any property along the shoreline of any large body of water, you are well aware of the havoc that wind-driven waves and large boats can bring upon your property. The concept of offshore floating breakwaters has been something that waterfront property owners and managers have been investigating for many years. There are a number of systems on the market today offering wave attenuation solutions, but for the most part, these are rigid, costly, and at best, give only marginal service. Wave Brake consists of several rows of heavy duty cubes, depending on the conditions and requirements of the site. For mass, the lower cubes fill with water, and the upper cubes are used for buoyancy.
  The "system" is:

Easily Anchored
Easily Installed
Any Length
Seasonally Adjustable


The "system" can be used for:

Marina Breakwalls

Floating Breakwater
Personal Harbors
Wake and Wave Barriers

Wave Attenuator
Erosion Control
Beach Accretion
Fish Habitats
Platforms and Flotation


For more information about the Wave Break or to request a project quote complete our Quote Request form or call us at 215-480-1940.


All plastic lumber dock in Greenlane Reservoir. Caulfield Assoc. replaced all the CCA pressure treated lumber docks at the request of Philadelphia Suburban Water Co.


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